Series 1

Tribe Series 1 EPISODE 30

The Tribe wake to the melodious sound of SASHA’s flute and gather in the café, where he has prepared breakfast by way of thanks for his rescue. Despite the reluctance of AMBER to see their attendance at the Gathering as a success, their survival of the event is reason enough to celebrate.

Devious LEX, aware of AMBER’s susceptibility to SASHA’s charms and BRAY’s subsequent jealousy, suggests SASHA might want to stay on. A vote is cast and SASHA is welcomed. But the celebratory mood lifts, as it becomes evident that the celebratory choccy has gone missing.

RYAN learns that LEX knew his money was worthless… it is water that counts, and LEX is a millionaire. RYAN feels humiliated and betrayed.

TRUDY admits she was shocked that SALENE left her to die, but – SALENE respected her wishes when no one else did. She holds no blame, but urges SALENE to own up about the missing food. SALENE, frightened of what the Tribe might do to her if they knew, pleads for TRUDY not to tell – and promises it will never happen again…

ZANDRA and LEX set a date for the wedding!

SALENE’s promise is short-lived. As the Tribe grapple with the notion of a thief in their midst, the charming SASHA lightens the mood with some song and dance – and is not unlike, as BRAY is careful to point out, the flute-playing Pied Piper, who of course in the end stole all the children…

DAL and JACK, together again, work to repair the wind turbine.

LEX appeals to RYAN for help – since RYAN is so great with words maybe he could write LEX’s wedding vows. But RYAN, still annoyed, is not going to be a pushover.

Alone, in the Sewers, SALENE hungrily binges on the stolen food…