Series 1

Tribe Series 1 EPISODE 31

BRAY scrabbles for food in a vastly depleted vege garden, and discovers, to his dismay, it is the new headquarters of the DEMON DOGS. He has a narrow escape, but suffers a painful bite to his leg from a ferocious assailant.

Inside the Mall, ZANDRA is bugging the reluctant AMBER to act as celebrant at her wedding. But AMBER has other things on her mind – the thief has struck again…

To AMBER’s relief, the missing fresh vegetables are soon recovered, after a brief but revealing performance in SASHA’s puppet show. AMBER is amused and flattered but BRAY, limping in, is not impressed. And where is all the missing canned food? … TRUDY has her suspicions.

JACK and DAL continue their work on the wind turbine, and KC feels a little left out.

A meeting is called to deal with the thief in their midst – AMBER will give the person an amnesty until dusk to confess, and they’ll work out a solution, together.

The food situation is getting serious. The wind turbine is the only answer – trading power for food.

TRUDY appeals to SALENE to own up. But SALENE clings to her last meagre shreds of self-respect. Just one more chance!

After some sweet-talking, LEX has RYAN writing his wedding vows. Reluctantly, and with some gentle persuasion from the charming SASHA, AMBER agrees to officiate.

SALENE is horrified to find the food store padlocked. She shadows BRAY on one of his food foraging missions and discovers a warehouse filled with goodies, but she is caught red-handed.