Series 1

Tribe Series 1 EPISODE 32

SALENE is lucky – this time. She returns from the warehouse with a bag of food. Alone, she tucks in, only just hiding the evidence before being disturbed.

DAL, KC and JACK complete the long awaited wind turbine. Hooray!!!

TRUDY is determined to help SALENE beat her secret vice, whether she wants help or not.

To BRAY’s irritation, SASHA tries to find AMBER1s sense of romance – and is surprisingly successful.

ZANDRA’s set on having a proper wedding feast – with real food! SASHA has a bright idea – they can take their recently recharged batteries to a farm and barter for a banquet. Only BRAY objects; it1s far too dangerous! But after heated debate on who would and who wouldn1t survive the risks, it is LEX, DAL, JACK and BRAY who finally trek off in search of the wedding feast. LEX takes pleasure in pointing out that SASHA is alone with the girls who adore him – notably AMBER. But back at the Mall, AMBER is torn – how can she be happy if SASHA gets her to care for him and then leaves?

It appears the boys are in luck as they approach a farm run entirely by girls. But these aren’t just any girls – they1re farmgirls. Let the negotiations begin…

ZANDRA models version two of her wedding outfit, complete with her grandmother’s diamond necklace. It must have cost a fortune – SALENE is mesmerised…

The boys return with wedding food and a gallon of cider, the latter of which they take care to hide from the others.

Is SASHA leaving?! SASHA thinks AMBER is right  there’s no future in it …. but to hell with the future! AMBER and SASHA go into a long-delayed clinch.