Series 1

Tribe Series 1 EPISODE 33

Together at last! AMBER and SASHA are reluctant to part, even for a short while. But as ZANDRA and LEX are discovering, relationships – for better or worse – sometimes require time apart. Especially the night before the wedding.

In preparation for the big day, JACK and DAL work to fix the water fountain. JACK is confident it’ll be up there with Niagra Falls for romantic splendour. DAL is not so sure. ZANDRA is all nerves at her hens’ party. TAI-SAN, who is still out of favour with the bride-to-be, isn’t able to attend – she is too busy fasting so that her prayers for the happy union will be all the more effective.

LEX and the boys get toasted on their secret stash of home-made cider – LEX even buries the hatchet with BRAY for the occasion. As the drunken raucus escalates the girls get suspicious. ZANDRA is convinced something terrible will happen … This is entirely probable.

While BRAY shows off his skateboarding finesse in order to score points off SASHA, the fearless, and inebriated, JACK, DAL and KC race their rollerblades straight for danger, and fast! JACK saves KC from certain catastrophe, only to take the fall himself …

In the morning, the boys wake, alive and unwell. SALENE takes the opportunity to try and trade ZANDRA’s stolen wedding necklace for food. But diamonds are no longer a girl’s best friend, especially a hungry girl … With the diamonds returned, the wedding is on! Amidst much fanfare LEX and ZANDRA exchange their wedding vows, as a forlorn RYAN watches, heartbroken.