Series 1

Tribe Series 1 EPISODE 34

The Mall is a wreck in the aftermath of the wedding celebrations, but nobody’s volunteering to clean up in a hurry.

LEX and ZANDRA are too busy honeymooning in their bedroom; AMBER and SASHA have gone off on a romantic picnic; SALENE is on the scrounge for another binge; RYAN is moping outside over ZANDRA; and BRAY is moping inside over AMBER. KC has a hangover; JACK has a broken leg; DAL and TAI-SAN are busy attending to JACK; and TRUDY has her hands full caring for an unwell BRADY… RYAN, having lost his beloved ZANDRA, is fed up with looking after others – itís going to be look after Number One from now on.

But AMBER and SASHA are in danger, and unbeknownst to them, RYAN saves the day … Unaware of RYANís absence, LEX has a brilliant idea – the best man should cook the honeymooners their breaky. But they aren’t the only ones eager for food. SALENE tries, unconvincingly, to assure TRUDY that she’s over her habitual bingeing.

AMBER and SASHA have a wonderful time running barefoot along the beach – but it’ll be dark soon… CLOE is concerned about the absenteeism. BRAY offers little consolation, and only worries CLOE further – is he going to leave too? A desperate SALENE approaches ROANNE, and offers her services – washing, cooking, cleaning, anything. ROANNE feels they might be able to come to an arrangement … TRUDY asks BRAY for help, but he just wants to be left alone to mope.

It looks like the Tribe is falling apart!