Series 1

Tribe Series 1 EPISODE 35

A new day dawns for the increasingly fragmented Tribe. AMBER and SASHA awaken in their beach paradise in each other’s arms. Happy and in love, and in no hurry to leave, they decide to stay another day …

RYAN wakes alone and heartbroken in the derelict city, and slopes off to wander aimlessly in a world without ZANDRA. SALENE, having taken refuge in ROANNE’s warehouse, wakes to a hearty but dangerous feed. Back at the Mall, DAL and KC are finding that JACK is not an easy patient. He insists he must have mobility if he’s to fulfill his duties as Chief Scientist – he instructs DAL and KC to make him a vehicle.

TRUDY tackles the mess, alone. TAI-SAN and BRAY are no help, and neither are the honeymooners. LEX insists on cooking breakfast for ZANDRA, with KC as his commis chef… It seems they have more in common than both being messy cooks.

SALENE throws up her breakfast, and in her despair confides in her newfound friend. ROANNE masks her dark intentions with a seemingly sympathetic ear. SASHA asks AMBER to come away with him, and leave the Mall behind … RYAN, lost, is grateful for the friendly welcome he receives from DIRK and ROANNE. He’s not the only one – SALENE, too, is grateful for ROANNE’s kindness. Thanks to her, SALENE is ready to return to the Mall – but there’s no such thing as a free lunch, breakfast or dinner. SALENE has had food and board, and now she must pay the price!