Series 1

Tribe Series 1 EPISODE 36

RYAN and SALENE are equally shocked to see each other under such circumstances – though RYAN’s understanding of those circumstances is a little fuzzy. He doesn’t like to be rude, but SALENE is acting a bit weird.

Unable to hold it together any longer, SALENE cracks. RYAN may not understand everything, but he understands that they’re both in trouble. Closely pursued by DIRK, ROANNE and their heavies, they manage a narrow escape. Hiding inside a railway carriage, SALENE explains her bulimia to RYAN, while he explains why he’s fed up with LEX.

Back at the Mall, a moody BRAY informs TRUDY that he mightn’t be around much longer! DAL doesn’t have time to make breakfast for PATSY and CLOE – he’s too busy looking after JACK. LEX has an idea about breakfast, but it isn’t one PATSY and CLOE would happily partake in.

AMBER decides to leave the Mall with SASHA, but insists on going back first to say goodbye. When AMBER returns she finds it difficult to distance herself from the many problems that have eventuated in her absence. ZANDRA has cooked and LEX has eaten Henrietta, the chicken, and it looks like no one’s lifted a finger to clean since the wedding.

AMBER is furious with BRAY – he’s done nothing! SALENE and RYAN return also. With the support of RYAN, SALENE confesses that she was the food thief. AMBER walks out with SASHA despite the Tribe’s pleas for her to stay. But can AMBER really bring herself to leave? She hesitates at the crossroads, while BRAY watches unseen.