Series 1

Tribe Series 1 EPISODE 37

Two weeks later… As day dawns, a strange figure lurks nearby the Mall. The Tribe members are still peacefully asleep – with the exception of AMBER, who has worked through the night on a new springcleaning roster. Yet, despite this frantic activity, her mind still wanders back to painful memories of SASHA, her lost love.

Preparations are in order for PATSY’s surprise birthday party. And PATSY is surprised… and thrilled – she’s been promised a day dedicated strictly to fun! AMBER’s eagerness to put her new roster into action is, therefore, an object lesson in how to lose friends and not influence people.

LEX, with KC playing loyal chorus, is beginning to heckle for AMBER’s replacement as leader – enough of these boy-centred, girlie-trouble, snot and tears dramas: why not get a stable married man in on the act instead? It’s time to celebrate. SALENE’s feeling particularly pleased with herself, and with good reason – it seems her bingeing days are over. But ZANDRA’s being dog-in-the-manger about RYAN and SALENE’s blossoming friendship. Looks like a bout of bulimia gets the guys running after you… It’s PATSY’s party and she can cry if she wants to – especially when a year older is only one step closer to the dangers of the dreaded virus.

Furious at the Tribe’s attitude, AMBER blows her top and stomps out. Is her star on the wane? LEX thinks so; BRAY certainly doesn’t. As BRAY and LEX argue, SALENE steals off with the birthday cake. Devious LEX recruits the help of KC to get rid of BRAY… for good. JACK keeps a lonely vigil into the night, watching over the monitor of the recently installed surveillance camera. To his amazement, a figure moves across the screen – an adult…!