Series 1

Tribe Series 1 EPISODE 38

The middle of the night. Frantic with excitement, JACK wakes the Tribe to tell them he has seen – an old man! But to his dismay the playback image is fuzzy and the others are sceptical. Only PATSY believes him – and PATSY, after all, is a patsy, and furthermore still believes in Father Christmas.

Full of hope, the little girl takes the news to the self-exiled AMBER. Maybe the old man would look after them and be a sort of… dad. But AMBER is as doubtful as the others. BRAY suggests the Tribe put their energy into something real – like decorating and cleaning. LEX is surprisingly quick to agree: this is all part of his sly little plan…

Accompanied only by BOB, PATSY sets off in search of the old man. Under cover of a paint fight started by LEX, KC slinks off and plants several bottles of water in BRAY’s room. CLOE later stumbles across the apparently stolen secret stash – with a little strategic manoeuvring from KC. She doesn’t want to tell anyone, but Supermop earnestly reminds her that honesty is always the best policy… Things are looking very bad for BRAY. CLOE spills the beans – the Tribe is horrified.

JACK knows what LEX is up to, and appeals to RYAN to help BRAY out. But sweet-talking ZANDRA ensures RYAN’s silence. Does RYAN want to see his… friend… ZANDRA turfed out on the streets? AMBER is prised from her room by the crisis, and forced to rejoin the Tribe. She organises a trial for BRAY, but he’s disappointed to learn that she is not completely sure of his innocence… All through the day PATSY has continued her dogged hunt for the world’s last surviving grown-up. Did no one ever tell her you can’t trust anyone over thirty? The tables are suddenly turned as PATSY comes face-to-face with the doddering stranger…