Series 1

Tribe Series 1 EPISODE 39

PATSY comes face-to-face with the stranger. After all this time in a world without wrinklies, she can hardly believe her eyes – and he can hardly believe his ears as she begs him to come back with her to be daddy to her Tribe… Back at the Mall, LEX’s evil plan to get rid of BRAY is running much too smoothly.

JACK has a stab at being a man of conscience, but LEX reduces him to jelly with a swift kick to the crutch. RYAN has been effectively silenced by his concern for ZANDRA – he canít even tell his new confidante SALENE of his dilemma. TRUDY notices SALENE’s distress – is another attack coming on? KC is living dangerously – rollerbasket with DAL, fisticuffs with BRAY… BRAY cannot bear living under a cloud – heíd rather leave the Tribe now than be tried for stealing. But AMBER persuades him to stay – for her sake. And so the trial begins – without PATSY, SALENE or, in short order, RYAN. He’s alarmed to hear from TRUDY of SALENE’s disappearance – bet he knows where sheís headed! PATSY leads the old man back towards the Mall. He assures her he is not the only crumbly left…

And indeed, there are suddenly adults everywhere – all being viciously pursued by stone-wielding gangs. What have the LOCOs got against grown-ups? LEX leads the attack on BRAY – no more Mr. Nice Guy for the beleagured eco-warrior. JACK canít take the heat, and gladly leaves the kitchen. RYAN saves SALENE from a fate worse than death – another bout in the Warehouse. A soothing walk in the country is in order: well hello there, little piggy… LEX sums up a damning, if entirely circumstantial, case for the prosecution. Infuriated and hurt, BRAY moves to leave. JACK cannot tolerate this travesty any longer – but KC interrupts his belated attempt to blow the whistle on LEX with his own unexpected confession. Is the pint-sized provocateur for the high road?

At this crucial juncture PATSY returns – with the adult. Could this ageing man really be… their old mate GLEN?!