Series 1

Tribe Series 1 EPISODE 40

If the old man really is the teenaged GLEN, as he claims to be, there can be only one terrifying explanation. The Tribe find themselves face-to-face with their greatest fear – the virus!!

PATSY tears off, very upset – she didn’t mean to bring the virus into the Mall. As the Tribe discuss their options, KC considers his. With attention diverted away from his attempt to frame BRAY, can he still outmanouevre the cogs of justice? But the virus could dictate the fate of them all, unless they find a solution …

The virus isn’t the only newcomer to the Mall. A friendly piglet follows SALENE and RYAN wee wee wee all the way home. Although RYAN might have lost a meal, heís gained a little friend. SALENE implores him to keep Piggy a secret, for its own safety.

PATSY reproaches GLEN. But he just wanted to be somewhere safe, away from the stone-wielding gangs – and she did offer… BRAY comes to find PATSY – she, along with LEX, must be isolated from the rest of the Tribe until further notice. CLOE and ZANDRA are in anguish over the decision.

Meanwhile, KC returns with a pleasant surprise. He thinks the piglet could be the answer to his problems – a dinner designed to sweeten. But RYAN ís grown fond of his new friend – Porky is not to be eaten!

AMBER and BRAY work closely together, mulling over the problem of the virus. Luckily for them, the only thing they are catching is each other’s eye.

DAL is sick of JACK pretending that there are adults alive. The Tribe needs JACK to be useful!!

AMBER and BRAY have an idea. To combat the virus they need more information. Scouts will be sent out to find out all they can from libraries, government buildings, newspaper offices – anywhere they can think of.

CLOE’s dogged loyalty to PATSY inspires a profound moment of unity. Hugs not drugs – they will beat the virus together!