Series 1

Tribe Series 1 EPISODE 41

The Tribe have to act quickly if they want to save the rapidly ageing GLEN, and indeed their own lives … Desperate for more information, AMBER, BRAY and KC set off for what was the Ministry of Health whilst the unlikely duo of DAL and LEX team up to search old newspaper offices.

Despite the illness, GLEN still fancies his chances with ZANDRA – though she doesn’t fancy hers with him … Convinced he is a dying man, she agrees to be his girlfriend – once he gets better.

ZANDRA’s not the only soft touch. RYAN’s going gaga over little BRADY. Is this SALENE’s feminising influence?

JACK’s feeling uncharacteristically hopeful … But TAI-SAN isn’t sure an antidote is on the cards.

On the way to the Ministry of Health, BRAY, AMBER and KC have a run-in with the LOCOS. However, natural-born hustler KC soon has the nasties running scared with some wild talk of infectious disease …

Unfortunately this tactic wonít help ZANDRA: GLEN is starting to look unexpectedly chipper, brightened by the prospect of their shared future. What on earth is she going to tell her husband?!

At the newspaper offices, DAL discovers LEX can’t read. If DAL breathes one word to anyone, LEX will break every bone in his body – not that he has anything to hide.

TRUDY counsels ZANDRA. Isn’t the harsh truth kinder than false hope? Resolve stiffened, ZANDRA goes to break the news, but finds GLEN … already a stiff.

Both search parties return, having apparently drawn blanks. But in weaving together their findings, they discover some common threads: a government coverup, a pharmaceutical company, a sinister research laboratory … Is Hope Island – their last hope?