Series 1

Tribe Series 1 EPISODE 42

The Tribe cremate the recently deceased GLEN in the wasteland of the city. TAI-SAN wishes for him to break the karmic chain of suffering and be reabsorbed into the universal consciousness; PATSY just wishes sheíd never met him.

Back at the Mall, LEX’s decontamination fervour is in full swing, but TRUDY’s furious – pesticides aren’t good for the baby. There must be another way to combat the mutant virus. The group decide to follow the only lead they have: AMBER, BRAY, LEX, DAL and BOB set off for the ominous research laboratories on Hope Island, in search of the antidote they so desperately need.

TAI-SAN isn’t at all convinced that science will be their saviour. She asks the others to call on their positive energies to guide and guard the mission, but her hand-holding circle is broken when the impish KC literally crashes the party – is this an omen? As JACK and TAI-SAN battle out science versus mysticism, TAI-SAN has a fit of the sneezles. A spot of hayfever – or swift death?

RYAN finds SALENE in the grip of some old, bad habits. But everybody has shameful secrets. RYAN ‘fesses up his own ugly past – and SALENE learns of ZANDRA’s role in Waterstashgate. Sheís outraged – nobody (else) twists RYAN around their little finger and gets away with it!

BOB lopes into a minefield. LEX is all for leaving him behind – but is LEX himself about to become nothing but a spray of pink mist?

SALENE has it out with ZANDRA. ZANDRA’s too distressed by her discovery of a strand of grey hair to really notice.

The search party carefully extricate themselves from the minefield – they’re in!! These Pandorax people certainly had a few skeletons in the closet. A few stolen moments together for AMBER and BRAY. LEX ruins the ambience.

DAL’s cracked the computer. But finding their way into the Hope Island Lab may be a doddle, compared to finding their way out …