Series 1

Tribe Series 1 EPISODE 43

Inside the Hope Island Research Laboratory, the Tribe’s violation of top-secret computer files has triggered a complete facility shutdown. They’re trapped!

KC misspends his youth – and JACK’s stolen batteries – in a sleazy gambling den run by a bad-news gang called TRIBE CIRCUS.

Back at the Mall, TAI-SAN’s “hayfever” is getting worse. Will they all go the way of GLEN? RYAN, for one, is determined to keep his strength up. He busies himself in cooking up a storm – TRUDY’s beginning to wonder if bulimia is catching. ZANDRA finds RYAN’s obsession with food rather – tasteless.

The Lab is slowly being drained of air … There must be a way out! As DAL frantically downloads files from the lab’s computers, BRAY and LEX work together to find a solution. Now that’s something we thought we’d never see …

KC’s run into some bad luck at the gambling den – but he’ll be back!

TAI-SAN faints. Her illness is worsening.

DAL has the vapours – but still manages to croak out an instruction to LEX and BRAY to try short-circuiting their way out of the tomb-like lab. In the nick of time, the exit slides a very little way open … LEX is a human doorstop. BOB is a canine wonder.

KC’s home again, but not for long. Whyís he so keen on taking PORKY for a walky? CLOE insists on accompanying them.

The search party returns. To LEX’s fury, TAI-SAN has no intention of being a guinea-pig for the antidote. But, when LEX finds himself in the same shoes, he’s not having a bar of it either.

KC horrifies CLOE: he’s gambling with PORKY’s life!

After a cup of cocoa classic – people open up. BRAY and AMBER finally get romantic, and this time it’s with each other. Is it ever about time that happened or what?