Series 1

Tribe Series 1 EPISODE 44

Dawn breaks … At the gambling den KC – otherwise known as “The Kid” – is on a winning streak. But he’s only just begun … PORKY will have to wait!

Inside the Mall, LEX is terrified by the prospect of accelerated old age … but there’s no way he’s taking that antidote – he knows where it came from.

KC’s lucky streakís over. PORKY’s bacon!

JACK’s lucky streak hasnít even begun. He’s tried any number of code-cracking techniques to open the Hope Island Research Facility files – to no purpose.

LEX resigns himself to the end. He apologises to RYAN for being a complete dirty rotten scoundrel.

CLOE takes over the wheel at the gambling den – and wins. But it was a little naïve to assume TRIBE CIRCUS would play by the rules … KC starts a riot.

TAI-SAN has successfully purged herself of her impurities – and she’s better. Does this mean all that herbal holistic healing hokum really works? LEX is willing try anything!

CLOE and PORKY race back to the Mall. KC’s in trouble!

LEX takes his first faltering steps on the road to spiritual recovery. Facing up to the absolute truth when you’re LEX means confessing to an embarrassing number of crimes and misdemeanours. ZANDRA is livid – the absolute truth is something she absolutely could have done without!

KC is taken prisoner by TRIBE CIRCUS – who are all very curious as to who he is, where he came from, and whether heís got any more pigs up his sleeve.

It’s self-imposed Judgement Day for LEX. He calls an impromptu trial, where he acts as defendant, prosecutor, judge and jury before a startled Tribe before pronouncing sentence on himself: exile. But ZANDRA doesn’t care. As far as she’s concerned, LEX can walk out that door and follow wherever his path might lead – as long as it doesn’t lead back!