Series 1

Tribe Series 1 EPISODE 45

LEX awakens in the city. Determined to follow TAI-SAN’s holistic cure and rid himself of the dreaded virus, he is a changed man – honest, courageous, and compassionate… Despite the danger, LEX sets off to find, and rescue, KC.

Inside the Mall, RYAN consoles the traumatised ZANDRA – she was just LEX’s plaything! With her marriage turned upside-down, she lets RYAN in on a big secret – and it’s only going to get bigger.

Meanwhile, LEX struggles with his own internal growth as he searches for the gambling den. If he beats up everyone who’s unco-operative, he’ll mess up his karma and jeopardise the cure. Looks like the old LEX isn’t quite dead and buried after all.

The Tribe worry about KC’s well-being – and their own. Any self-respecting thug would be eager to track down KC’s source of supply – both pigs and replenishable batteries come in mighty useful. But would KC spill the beans? Most definitely!

LEXís gallant rescue mission isn’t going well. The gambling den’s minders beat him badly before turfing him out.

The Tribe form a council of war to prepare for possible attack. AMBER and BRAY come out of the closet. TRUDY wishes AMBER the best of luck – if she’s in love with BRAY, she’ll need it. But then so will the entire Tribe, as BRAY reveals the owners of the gambling den are none other than the evil TRIBE CIRCUS. These guys make the LOCOS look warm and supportive, as KC discovers during TOP HAT’s fire-raising interrogation. KC can’t take much more heat!

SALENE, jealous of RYAN’s renewed interest in ZANDRA, proves girls can do anything.

A desperate LEX appeals to EBONY for reinforcements. The Locos’ Hotel may prove to be his last resort.

BRAY gives AMBER the keys to his heart – oh, and to his first bike.

The wait is over, as KC reluctantly leads TOP HAT and his evil thugs in their march upon the Mall!