Series 1

Tribe Series 1 EPISODE 46

The Mall Rats ready themselves for the TRIBE CIRCUS invasion. Whilst CLOE and PATSY, safe in the lift with the animals, fume at their own helplessness, AMBER rabble-rouses the rest of the Tribe – the Mall Rats are going to win! … Aren’t they?

LEX, a prisoner of the LOCOS, pleads with EBONY to save his friends, but she doesn’t think his newfound S.N.A.G.iness suits him.

The Circus has come to town!! As the two tribes battle it out, KC hides, but CLOE and PATSY are bored already – besides, the lift’s getting kinda smelly.

As the fight continues, the Mall Rats’ battle-plans begin to go awry. TAI-SAN gets caught up in her own net, and ZANDRA moves to cut her down, once and for all!

The Tribe lure their invaders towards the caged area. But the grille sticks a few inches from the ground. This won’t stop TOP HAT and his thugs for long!

JACK cleverly hides the Hope Island computer discs and precious vials of antidote …

As TRIBE CIRCUS make a comeback, so too do PATSY and CLOE, weilding fire-extinguishers. But before long, the triumphant TOP HAT is eager to bring his show to a close.

LEX attempts an escape from the LOCO HQ …

The Tribe is taken prisoner, and like any bad-news gang worth their salt, TRIBE CIRCUS send the women off to the kitchen. TOP HAT has tasty plans for ZANDRA …

Time is of the essence for LEX, who, back in the LOCO cell, is alarmed by his accelerated declivity.

The forgotten but badly-frightened KC could be the Tribe’s only hope of rescue … until he too is caught! TRIBE CIRCUS perform their piece de resistance: vanishing in a cloud of smoke. But the trouble’s not over – the Mall Rats find themselves out of the frying pan – and into the fire!