Series 1

Tribe Series 1 EPISODE 47

The caged Tribe watch the flickering flames surrounding them – there’s no way out! LEX isn’t the only one alarmed by his rapid ageing – the LOCO guards are terrified … Using the scary twenty-five-plus look to his advantage, LEX wards off the enemy long enough to negotiate a deal with EBONY.

Just when they’d given up all hope, the Tribe are miraculously saved by LEX and … the LOCOS. But why on earth would evil EBONY rescue the Mall Rats? TRUDY is worried about baby-snatching.

EBONY doesn’t want to risk viral-quick ticks of her own biological clock!

BRAY is uneasy. Surely LEX wouldn¹t have told the LOCOS about the antidote …

ZANDRA is fretting about her pregnancy – the baby could be infected with the virus! She blames TAI-SAN, and so does LEX. But, despite his apology, ZANDRA demands a divorce.

AMBER and BRAY’s worst fears are confirmed. EBONY demands the antidote, and until she gets it the Tribe will suffer – one by one, beginning with DAL. JACK has no choice but to retrieve the hidden vials and hand them over.

PATSY and CLOE try to quieten the distressed animals – stuck between floors in the service lift.

BOB’s barking momentarily distracts the LOCOS and provides the opportunity for BRAY to lead a surprise attack. – AMBER makes a grab for the antidote – she’d rather destroy it than let EBONY steal off with their last hope. However, EBONY seizes BRAY. Will it be BRAY or the antidote that splatters first?

AMBER does the honourable thing and saves her true love, only to have greedy EBONY make off with all the goodies; the antidote, LEX … and BRAY!! While LEX, a guinea-pig for the antidote, is locked up, EBONY is determined for she and BRAY to have a swimmingly good time … like old times!

The MALL RATS are starving. ZANDRA’s beyond caring, but has AMBER lost all hope too?