Series 1

Tribe Series 1 EPISODE 48

PATSY and CLOE try to rescue CLARA from the lift shaft, but AMBER insists there are more important things to life than poultry – like blaming KC for the invasion, and saving her beloved BRAY. So is the Tribe too chicken to save her true love?

There is a glimmer of hope. The Tribe have the lab’s computer discs. If JACK could crack the computer codes, then maybe he could find the formula for the antidote.

EBONY gets nostalgic. Was BRAY tempted by that night, the sea, the moon? Maybe – but EBONY’s got her work cut out if she wants to steal the keys to BRAY’s heart.

ZANDRA sheds her airhead image for a selfless and nurturing one. She asks RYAN to trade her jewellery for food. He’s impressed – she’s wonderful ditzy or maternal!

AMBER leaves, alone, in search of BRAY.

DAL reassures KC that AMBER’s own democratic rules will prevent him from being kicked out. Employing the help of a remote-controlled helicopter, DAL manages to cheer him up.

RYAN tries to exchange the jewellery, but the only thing Jimmy-the-trader is trading is past lives. The virus is everywhere!

EBONY has grand plans. Would BRAY like to be Emperor?

JACK uses the magic word – and … he’s in!!

LEX’s health deteriorates, but he doesn’t want a death-bed scene with BRAY. Nevertheless, he’s greatly relieved that BRAY and EBONY aren’t … you know – at least, not until hell freezes over.

AMBER locates the LOCO HQ.

LEX initiates a contagious rumour amongst the LOCO guards, before paying EBONY a pool-side visit … Itís a triumph for guinea-pig rights. But with the antidote destroyed, LEX’s value to EBONY has come to an end. He is thrown out to die …