Series 1

Tribe Series 1 EPISODE 49

LEX, having been thrown out of the LOCO HQ to die, narrowly avoids capture at the well-protected hands of the anti-virus snatch squad.

Back at the LOCO HQ, EBONY tries to convince BRAY that beneath the tough veneer she is all tenderness and sensitivity – all she wants is one more chance…

A desperate AMBER suggests a desperate plan to get her BRAY back, but the others deem it far too risky. Unless they come up with an alternative she’s likely to do the mission, solo – and get caught. Fortunately, RYAN and DAL have a marginally less risky idea involving a remote-controlled toy helicopter and a camera: their plan could mean the difference between life and death … if it works.

SALENE gets paranoid, but not menopausal. TAI-SAN reassures her she doesnít have the virus.

LEX gets the better of a lone snatch squad member.

SALENE finds a way to keep the youngsters happy, but AMBER isn’t in the mood.

The trip-wire in the Sewers is triggered off, and the culprit isnít harmless PORKY-pig, but a visored intruder … LEX?! ZANDRA, initially a very reluctant Florence Nightingale, is shocked by his miserable state.

BRAY is horrified by EBONY’s treatment of his fellow Mall Rat. She’ll never change, and she’ll never change him. Meanwhile, DAL and RYAN’s chopper takes some sneaky camera footage of EBONY and BRAY at play before the LOCOs give chase …

JACK is overwhelmed by dates – but do they compute?

As LEX’s fever worsens, ZANDRA tells him the big news about a little person.

The camera reveals some easy-to-misinterpret pool-side antics. AMBER misinterprets them. TRUDY tells some overdue home-truths about BRAY and the LOCO leader.

JACK cracks the code … it’s about time!