Series 1

Tribe Series 1 EPISODE 50

“The virus is spreading again; we’re about to starve. Another day in paradise.” AMBER, in finding the Tribe’s situation well-nigh unbearable, is becoming well-nigh unbearable herself. Looks like yet another case of the highly-contagious BRAY Blues.

JACK confides in DAL – the code has been staring him in the face all along. Just one more step …

EBONY has a point – if AMBER really loves BRAY, then why hasn’t she even attempted to rescue him?

RYAN apologises to SALENE for ignoring her. SALENE ignores him.

JACK and DAL have a late-night breakthrough. The code numbers don’t make up a formula, they’re map co-ordinates – for Eagle Mountain. But not everybody is enthusiastic about the prospect of trekking up a very real mountain in search of a phantom antidote.

In the morning, despite their protests, SALENE joins RYAN and KC on their food-foraging mission.

The young LEX is back! And he’s hungry.

EBONY admits she’s a bad loser – and AMBER had such a pretty face … even BRAY’s sweet-talking won’t save his lost love.

There’s some trouble on the food mission. SALENE’s girlishness saves the day. Mega, SALENE!

Unaware of JACK’s revelation, TAI-SAN reveals a vision of her own: a mountain and a great, beautiful eagle! Time for the Tribe to buckle on its walking shoes …