Tribe Series 1 EPISODE 51

After much debate the Tribe decide to leave their Mall and trek a hundred miles to Eagle Mountain. But if the Tribe leave, what will become of BRAY?

EBONY is infuriated by her stupid henchmen. BRAY witnesses a few problems within the LOCO ranks.

KC tells LEX of ZANDRA’s narrow escape from TOP HAT. LEX is livid.

JACK confides in DAL: what if they go all that way and find nothing? DAL is ever-optimistic. If they’re all killed, then worst case scenario is nobody’ll be left to blame him.

AMBER abandons the keys to BRAY’s heart, whilst SALENE and RYAN exchange the keys to theirs … overnight.

BRAY urges the sleepless EBONY to leave her fragmenting LOCO Tribe, and go with him to find an antidote cure – before it’s too late.

EBONY awakes to an early morning rebellion, led by SPIKE. The ex-Empress and her ex-prisoner escape together.

The Mall Rats and other animals say their farewells to Mall sweet Mall. Wagons roll! TRUDY leaves a note for BRAY to explain their absence.

LEX and RYAN have a sly plan – everyone has to stay together at all times, of course, and no one must leave the group at for any reason, but the two of them’ll just scout on ahead for a bit.

The Tribe find that wagons do indeed roll – all the way down the hill, out of control, and into a heap. And that’s not all – some nasty crazies appear. Where are LEX and RYAN when the rest of the Tribe need them? As a motorbike draws closer, everyone panics, including the fast-retreating crazies. But fortunately, it isn’t TOP HAT who’s wearing that famous head-gear … LEX and RYAN rejoin the team.

The Tribe’s troubles aren’t over. A stone-wielding rural tribe blocks their way. They don’t welcome plague-carrying city-folk around these parts …