Series 1

Tribe Series 1 EPISODE 52

Macho LEX is determined the Tribe should stand their ground against the stone-wielding rural gang, despite being well outnumbered. The rustics advance – and the Mall Rats are rescued in the nick of time by a guardian angel … in the angelic but unlikely form of EBONY.

BRAY’s taken aback by AMBER’s hostility. He assures her that nothing happened between he and EBONY, but AMBER’s not buying it.

The bus succumbs to some insurmountable engine trouble. DAL assesses the situation – theyíre relying entirely on a dream of TAI-SAN’s for a hundred-mile journey without a map …!

TAI-SAN and JACK hang out, receptively.

Around the campfire, LEX narrates a heroic tale about his revenge on TOP HAT. KC thinks itís hair-raising; everyone else is content to raise their eyebrows.

TRUDYís anxious about AMBER. BRAY appeals to EBONY to set things straight, but AMBER’s not buying that one, either.

LEX finds himself in the very un-LEX role of morale booster. The Tribe must show a little faith!

JACK and TAI-SAN realise they’re lost. Who’s going to tell the others? Luckily for them, no one has to. Is that a satellite dish piercing the horizon, or is the observatory just pleased to see them?

But the satellite-tracking station doesn’t succeed in tracking the satellite. Was the pilgrimage just pie in the sky after all? Is it time for the friends to finally go their separate ways? – not before LEX has been the catalyst to a passionate reconciliation between BRAY and AMBER…

… and the satellite dish moves. The Tribe gather one more time as the voice of an adult booms from the heavens: “If you are listening to this, the only hope for humanity lies with you, whoever you are. Listen very carefully to what I have to say …”