Tribe Series 2 EPISODE 1 and 2

“If you are listening to this the only hope for humanity lies with you, whoever you are. Listen very carefully to what I have to say… ”

There is an antidote to the dread virus – and it lies hidden in all the major centres of the world. To find it, the Tribe must leave the mountain and return to the city. But tragedy strikes when the generator in the bowels of the building catches fire – and the Observatory explodes.

In a distant land, THE CHOSEN, a strange tribe of ZOOT-worshippers, watch the satellite as it arcs across the night sky. It is the holy sign they have been waiting for. Led by THE GUARDIAN the CHOSEN’s pilgrimage begins…

The remnants of the shocked Tribe huddle around two makeshift graves lying side-by-side on the mountain. BRAY is only slowly coming back to consciousness – and it falls to LEX to tell him of the loss of AMBER and ZANDRA. BRAY remains by the graves as the rest head off on the next stage of their quest – but to be overwhelmed by grief is neither what AMBER would have wanted nor expected from him.

BRAY rejoins the Tribe, sadder and wiser and once more resolved – to save the world. RYAN, SALENE, and TRUDY escort the younger kids back to the Mall and safety, while in the city the others split up into search parties. The maps JACK took from the Observatory computer point to three top-secret government buildings said to contain the antidote – but JACK’s wary: could the Observatory possibly have been booby-trapped?

JACK and