Tribe Series 2 EPISODE 3 and 4

LEX is in despair – with no antidote and no formula for the making of it either, he’s done for! TAI-SAN tells the sceptical Tribe that she can find the answer: the best medicines come from plants. No one’s buying it.

A familiar face at a familiar farm: the return of rough, tough, LEX-baiting ALICE to the story – and the introduction of her little sister ELLIE. But ELLIE has been infected with the virus!

LEX is getting worse. Why did the antidote not work the first time?

BRAY slips JACK the secret sample of antidote to analyse. Should they not give this last dose to LEX? But if it isn’t analysed, LEX isn’t the only one who will die.

TAI-SAN, despite the others’ doubts, goes to the woods to begin collecting the plants she needs.

BRAY and JACK go back to the antidote lab to pick up equipment – and are pounced on by a crowd of sick kids, desperate for the antidote. BRAY and JACK are pursued by the rabble back to the Mall – and only just bring the grille down in time before the siege begins.

TAI-SAN slips back into the Mall unseen and begins work.

LEX follows JACK and BRAY into the workshop – and sees the antidote sample. Hes outraged by BRAY’s duplicity – and downs it on the spot. Has LEX just swallowed their very last chance?

KC has an idea. He and LEX cook up a batch of fake antidote to placate the mob. Just in time – they have been joined by a daunting figure: ALICE, desperate to save her sister. LEXY baby – her hero! SPIKE arrives, ill and too late. What will happen when the crowd find out they’ve been duped?

The Mall Rats aren’t sticking around to find out. They are on the point of abandoning the Mall for a second time when TAI-SAN appears on the balcony, triumphant – with a vial of antidote: and this time it’s the real thing.

The Tribe is stunned by TAI-SAN’s announcement that she has managed to create the antidote. But there is great resentment at her determination to keep the formula secret – what gives her the right to keep it to herself? TAI-SAN points out that the various tribes would do anything to get hold of the formula; if the knowledge isn’t there, it can’t be taken.

At the farm, ELLIE’s condition is worsening. ALICE regards the vial of fake antidote grimly.

BRAY and DANNI fret. Knowledge is power – and power corrupts. Will TAI-SAN’s new status be dangerous? – And if something should happen to her, the antidote would be lost to everyone.

SPIKE waits outside with his mates for the new batch of antidote he was promised. He’s bitter he missed out the day before – bet LEX was lying! SPIKE determines to take matters into his own hands.

While the Tribe reluctantly agrees to go out collecting the plants TAI-SAN will need. EBONY’s surprisingly constructive – LEX is resentful.

His mood skyrockets the next morning, though, when his symptoms are once more gone – and EBONY points out that if he needs repeat doses, so will the rest of the population. If the two of them bide their time, they can still make their fortune.

JACK and DAL help TAI-SAN construct a laboratory. As TAI-SAN sorts through the day’s gleanings, SPIKE and his COHORTS burst into the Mall. In the ensuing fight BOB is badly injured, and SALENE held hostage – but EBONY uses her old sway over SPIKE to negotiate further muscle: this incident just demonstrates how much they will need to beef up security. She tells SPIKE they will give him the antidote if he and three of his COHORTS will stay on in the Mall as guards.

ALICE stalks from the farm bent on revenge for the false hope of the fake antidote. As LEX sleeps, a hand creeps into shot – and grips his throat…