Production of Tribe Series 2 entered its 12th week from Monday October 25th 1999.

Last week there was more location shooting than interior shooting in the production schedule. The range of locations included meadows, farm buildings, farm land, huts, factories, streets, alleyways, city buildings, the countryside, a car park, and a shopping mall. The furthest location was about 24 kilometres from the Cloud 9 Production Centre.

The week was very busy indeed and in addition to the many locations involved parallell shooting days where there were two production units shooting at the same time but at different locations, and some members of cast moved back and forth between the two units depending on their scenes for the particular days.

The cast and crew also worked on Saturday 23rd October due to the production schedule and had a six day week, but the cast and crew will make this up by having an extra day off to relax and rest in lieu of working Saturday in the near future.

Many different props were used including rucksacks, bags, coats, cans of diesel, amulets, farm tools and implements, sacks, a tractor, a plough, smoke, hammers, crystal bottles, glasses, vials, market stalls, goods, teddies, champaign, torches, boxes of vegetables, documents, ribbons, litter, handcuffs, beds, mats, soup bowls, spoons, stools, blankets, cushions, candles, sunglasses, cups of coffee, cans of food, a banquet table, cloths, onions, knifes, ladles, letters, hay bales, crops, buckets, an abandoned car, phones, plastic bin liners, brooms, and wheelbarrows!

There were also many different animals used by the animal wrangles including goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, lambs, dogs, hens, rats, cows, and one of the biggest spiders in the world! The Avondale Spider is not your average creepy crawlie. It is instead bigger than a CD – about the size of a side plate, and is only found in the northern parts of New Zealand.

Since the cast and team worked on Saturday, the cast got together the night before on Friday to have a night watching videos and had some pizza to eat at the chaperone and houseparents` house.

On Sunday, Meryl Cassie (EBONY) and Victoria Spence (SALENE) went shopping in the morning. Sarah Major (PATSY) visited with her family. Dwayne Cameron (BRAY) enjoyed painting.

In the afternoon on Sunday there was a jam that involved Meryl Cassie, Victoria Spence, Jaimee Kaire-Gataulu (CLOE) – who sang – as well as Caleb Ross (LEX) and Daniel James (ZOOT), who both sing and play guitar. Members of the Cloud 9 team also turned up including the Executive Producer, Executive in Charge of Production, Producer, secretarial staff and post-production members. In all, there was a large band of about sixteen people who got together to have a fun afternoon playing music and all had a great time.

At the end of this week (Friday 30th October) it will be the 60th shoot day of Series 2 production – which means that filming is now half-way! To celebrate this, the cast and Cloud 9 team will be having a party on the weekend. There has been a lot of work so far for all involved and Series 2 looks absolutely fantastic.

The weather in the 11th week of shooting series 2 (Monday 18th October – Friday 22nd October) was:

  • Monday – fine but cloudy patches, northerlies
  • Tuesday – cloud and northerly winds
  • Wednesday – cloud wiith gusty northerlies, drizzly rain at night
  • Thursday – light showers in morning, rain in afternoon, strong gusty northerlies
  • Friday – mainly fine, south west winds
  • Saturday – cloudy, gusty northerlies, showers at night