Production of Tribe Series 2 entered its 14th week from Monday 8th November, 1999.

There was a combination of exterior location scenes and interior studio shooting last week. Locations included city buildings and offices, crossroads, houses, farm lands, fields, streets and alleyways, a car park and a shopping mall. The furthest location was approximately 24 kilometers from the Cloud 9 production centre.

With many varied scenes in the schedule there was a range of props used including flasks and vials, tables, clipboards, pens, an amulet, a staff, food, a dictionary, animal food, plates, books, coffee, baby bottles, milk, boxes, a laptop, printer, paper, newspapers, hair clip[s. a large mirror, party accessories, smoke, tea, a large pot of porridge, ladles, spoons, baked beans, aprons, a letter, a knife, onions, candles, and fancy dress clothes!

Away from the production, on Tuesday 2nd November, Dwayne Cameron (BRAY) had an interview with a member of the Cloud 9 team that was recorded. We received many emails and some questions were also posted on Tribe Talk from fans – thank you all! Dwayne tried to answer as many questions as he could during his break in shooting. The audio interview will be available as an audio download on the new Tribeworld website – there are only a few days to go. Dwayne`s is the first interview with cast members that will be available as audio downloads with more in the very near future.

There was some more press coverage about the Tribe in New Zealand last week as Kiwi fans may know. The Tribe was featured in the Dominion newspaper on Saturday 6th November and also in the Sunday News newspaper on Sunday 7th November. On Friday, Caleb Ross (LEX) had an interview with the Northern Advocate. Members of cast and the Cloud 9 team also had interviews with a writer who is writing a book about television production that focuses entirely on the Tribe. More details to follow on the main website.

On Wednesday 3rd November, Meryl Cassie (EBONY) had a recording session at a music studio. This was to record additional voice tracks for the first Tribe album. The songwriter-producing team of John Williams and Matt Prime are in the UK working on mixing the various tracks and songs together. Meryl recorded with Neil Maddever, a New Zealander with a great track record in the music industry.

As an exclusive to readers of Latest News, we have been authorised to reveal that Meryl Cassie sings some music that appears prominently in Tribe Series 2 in every episode. We can`t reveal any more from now but if you have a listen when Series 2 starts transmission (beginning in the UK from November 14th) then you might notice Meryl`s singing voice!

On Friday 5th November, the cast went out and there were fireworks. Lots of them! As fans in the UK and New Zealand know, the 5th of November is celebrated each year as Guy Fawkes night with bonfires and fireworks and there was a massive public display in the city of Wellington that the cast attended, after first having a nice dinner out together. All had a very enjoyable evening.

The weather in the 13th week of shooting series 2 (Monday 1st November – Friday 5th November) was:

  • Monday – fine but cloudy periods
  • Tuesday – gusty northerlies, cloudy but fine
  • Wednesday – patchy rain clearing, remaining cloudy. Light southeasterly breezes.
  • Thursday – overcast with scattered rain. Gusty southeast winds.
  • Friday – rain at times, northeast winds
  • As fans in New Zealand will know, it is getting warmer and warmer each week as New Zealand moves towards summer. Sunrise is now about 06.00 am each morning and sunset is around 20.15 pm each night.