Production of Tribe Series 2 entered its 16th week of principal photography from Monday 22nd November 1999, with the production now reaching the 77th day of shooting.

There has been much location based shooting with exterior scenes recently with the range of locations including city streets, a dance hall, a beach, a golf course, a go-kart area, parks, barracks, an obstacle course, farms, barns, fields, the countryside, a car park, and a shopping mall. The furthest location was about 24 kilometers from the Cloud 9 production centre.

One of the locations above was a barracks and an obstacle army assault course.

In the Tribe?

Yes. Because these locations are part of the scenes that follow a back-story set before the virus and before the Tribe that involves Lex and Ryan and shows their first meeting and how their friendship developed.

We have got a picture above that was taken on shooting from the location in New Zealand on Friday 19th November and shows Lex and Ryan as you have never seen them before! There will be more info in the near future about this in the Pre-Tribe section under GUIDE.

Reflecting the diverse range of locations recently, some props used have included street cleaning equipment, shovels, brooms, buckets, rubble, swings, flashing lights, a searchlight, glasses, smoke, bottles, bar stools, flasks, microphones, lipstick, wildflowers, chairs, crash mats, rucksacks, a gameboy, security system, newsletters, and jewelry!

The animal wranglers have been taking care of animal actors including dogs, sheep, pigs, hens, mice, and chickens.

On the weekend, the cast enjoyed relaxing and some cast members spent time with their family. Others went out to the cinema on Friday evening.

On Saturday 20th November, the cast still went into costume and wardrobe and make-up much like a normal day – even though it was a Saturday. And the reason? The cast were making an appearance in the Christmas Parade held in Wellington New Zealand.

There was a special Tribe float that was centred around the Locos` Police Car. Members of cast who were in the parade included Danny James (ZOOT), Meryl Cassie (EBONY), Michelle Ang (TAI-SAN), Dwayne Cameron (BRAY), Ari Boyland (KC), Sarah Major (PATSY), Ashwath Sundaresan (DAL), Ella Wilks (DANNI), and Vanessa Stacey (ALICE). There were also members of Locos who skated around.

The Tribe had a great reaction from crowds watching the parade and last year there were over 100,000 people who watched and at least the same turned out on Saturday!

On Saturday evening there was the annual New Zealand Television Awards also in Wellington and Meryl Cassie (EBONY) was one of the hosts who presented an award for the comedy category of programming.

The weather in the 15th week of principal photography (Monday 15th November – Friday 22nd November) was:

  • Monday – dry, northerly winds
  • Tuesday – dry, winds, few drizzly patches at night
  • Wednesday – mostly cloudy, windy with drizzly rain
  • Thursday – rain, northerly winds easing. Southerly winds and showers later.
  • Friday – showers clearing, northwest winds