Production of Tribe Series 2 entered its 17th week of principal photography from Monday 29th November 1999, with the production now reaching the 82nd day of shooting.

In recent weeks there has been much location based shooting with exterior scenes including a farm, barns, farm house, fields, the countryside, city buildings, army barracks, obstacle course, car park, and a shopping mall. The furthest location was about 22 kilometers from the Cloud 9 production centre.

There were more back-story scenes shot last week featuring the story of how Lex and Ryan first met each other in the days before the virus.

One location involved Caleb Ross (LEX) and Vanessa Stacey (ALICE) in a barn on a farm.

We have got a picture above that was taken on shooting from the location in New Zealand on Tuesday 23rd November.

Recently some of the props used have included crash mats, rucksacks, breakfast, food scraps, lunch plates, smoke, an amulet, newsletters, fancy dress, cable, security equipment, tape recorder, a baby’s crib, beds, mirrors, cups of tea, mechanical tools, pig gear, hair clips, hoes, forks, stones, a rat cage, cider casks, a wheelbarrow, drinks, bottles, stools, and a gameboy!

The animal wranglers have been taking care of animal actors including dogs, sheep, pigs, hens, mice, chickens, and rats!

On Friday 24th November the cast recorded a special Christmas and Millennium greeting for various broadcasters throughout the world – so stay tuned for your very own Tribal greeting.

In addition, the Tribe will be starring in a download on the website to bring you an exclusive Christmas and Millennium message embracing all manner of information from what they are doing for Christmas, to their personal thoughts and hopes for the millennium. Keep a look out in December!

The weather in the 16th week of principal photography (Monday 22nd November – Friday 26th November) was:

  • Monday – fine with southeasterly winds
  • Tuesday – fine with northerlies developing
  • Wednesday – fine at first, showers at night, northerly winds
  • Thursday – rain, northerly winds easing. Southerly winds and showers later.
  • Friday – showers clearing, northwest winds