Production of Tribe Series 2 entered its 18th week of principal photography from Monday 6th December 1999, with the production now reaching the 87th day of shooting.

As with previous weeks there has been a fair bit of exterior location shooting, with about half of last week being shot on location. Luckily the weather has held up quite well when the shooting has been outside. Locations filmed included a farm, barns, fields, city buildings, city streets, a dance hall, factory, car park and a shopping mall. The furthest location was 22 kms from the production centre and takes about 20 – 25 minutes to drive to.

One day of shooting involved live rats in the scene (yuck!). The animal wranglers also had dogs, goats, chickens, pigs, a lamb and a sheep to look after for different scenes.

The location photo for this week is a shot taken last week during a scene between Ellie (JENNYFER JEWELL) and Ryan (RYAN RUNCIMAN) that was set in the city.

Most of the cast members have had school exams in the last couple of weeks too and have been revising and sitting exams between shooting on Tribe Series 2.

During the week, all the cast also had rehearsals to practice choreography and their routines for a performance on Saturday 4th December to a packed out concert in Wellington. The cast rehearsed “Abe Messiah” and “This is the place”.

The earliest pick-up of the week was 5.55am for Jennyfer Jewell who plays Ellie. The latest wrap time was 8.15pm for Dwayne Cameron and Ari Boyland.

Some of the props used were flowers, hair clips, garden tools, mechanical tools, cider casks, a wheelbarrow, rat cage, bottles, glasses, smoke, sellotape, carpentry tools, rope, building plans, drawings, mirrors, bar equipment, cups of coffee, party clothes, mortar and pestle, an amulet, fruit and vegetables, market stalls, tables, chairs, tokens, posters, water bottles, a bottle of pills, rat food, a computer and puppets.

The weather for the 17th week of Principal Photography (Monday 29th November to Friday 3rd December 1999) was as follows:

  • Monday – Cloudy, showers clearing.
  • Tuesday – Morning cloud with showers clearing. Southerlies easing.
  • Wednesday – Mainly fine with northerly winds. Cloud increasing in the afternoon and rain in the evening.
  • Thursday – Morning cloud clearing, becoming fine.
  • Friday – Cloud increasing, with rain.