Production of Tribe Series 2 entered its 19th week of principal photography from Monday 13th December 1999, and we are now up to the 91st day of shooting.

Last week, there was more studio shooting following lots of location shoots in recent weeks, with out of five days shooting only Wednesday being a location day. The location was about 35 minutes drive from the Cloud 9 base. It was also quite a long day beginning at 6am and finishing at about 6.30pm for the cast. Luckily the weather was good last week. The location day involved the entire main cast – and a few surprise guest cast members too!

School exams are finally over so there’s a lot less stress in the classroom – yeah, no more revision!!

It is the last week of production before the cast and Cloud 9 team break for Christmas.

On Saturday 11th December, the cast and crew had a Christmas party. This was at a beach area on the coast near Wellington and had a beautiful view of the ocean. There was music, a barbecue, games to play, a playground for younger kids, and some of the team sang along a few Christmas carols and other songs. It was a very enjoyable afternoon for all involved – even though it started to rain later on! In breaks from shooting, the cast have been working on some special things that will be available on the website during the Christmas period.

The location report photo this week is of Dwayne Cameron (BRAY) filmed on location recently in a field. The Cloud 9 team try to film in beautiful locations and this really shows on screen with some gorgeous production values. As viewers and fans in New Zealand know, it is summer in the Southern Hemisphere (everything is upside down compared to the Northern Hemisphere) and it can be quite hot on some days, as the photo with Dwayne shows.

The earliest pick up last week was Antonia Prebble, who was collected at 6am for the location day. The lucky cast members with late pick up times last week were, Dwayne Cameron with at 3.20pm pick up, Ryan Runciman had a midday pick up and Meryl Cassie and Tori Spence had 11.30am pick up times. Lets hope they all made the most of it and slept in! Having a late pick-up is good because the rest of the day is clear for schoolwork – or relaxing – but sometimes when cast members have a late pick-up, they will finish working much later than anyone else too.

Props used last week included a jack-in-the-box pop up toy, a suitcase of puppets, nail varnish, a mirror, playing cards, bowls, cloths, medicine, herbal drinks, an amulet, printers, hair clips, garden tools, farm equipment, a baby doll, baskets, crops, a rucksack, and flaming torches!

For the second week running, there were live rats in the studio (yuck!). The animal wranglers also had dogs, goats, chickens, pigs, a lamb and a sheep to look after.

The weather for the 18th week of Principal Photography (Monday 6th to Friday 10th December 1999) was as follows:

  • Monday – Sunny with a few showers.
  • Tuesday – Cloudy with drizzle.
  • Wednesday – Fine and sunny
  • Thursday – Cloudy, fine with southerly winds.
  • Friday – Cloudy with winds dying down.