TRIBE SERIES 2 – LATEST REPORT – Christmas holidays

Production of Tribe Series 2 completed its 19th week of principal photography on Friday 17th December 1999, which was the 95th day of shooting.

The Tribe cast and team are now off on a well-deserved Christmas and New Year holiday, but return in early January to resume production of Tribe Series 2 at the Cloud 9 production centre in New Zealand.

In their last week of shooting before the Christmas break, the cast got together for Christmas parties and celebrations and we have some photos here in Location Report.

On December 17th, Beth Allen (AMBER) gave a live interview over the Bulletin Board at Tribe Talk via the Cloud 9 production centre. If you missed it, don`t worry as Beth will be back in the New Year 2000.

The Location Report will be back in early January with a fresh update on all that`s happening from the production base of Tribe Series 2.

We hope you have a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!