The cast and team are now back at the Cloud 9 production centre after their Christmas break, and are hard at work on Tribe Series 2 – production of which entered its 20th week of principal photography from Monday 10th January 2000, and this represented the 97th day of shooting.

The cast had a good Christmas and New Year holiday and returned to their families and homes. They are now back with the houseparents and chaperone team near the Cloud 9 production centre. On Monday 10th January, some of the cast went out with their chaperones to watch a movie and all are enjoying seeing each other again and catching up after Christmas.

There are just over four weeks of production left before shooting the series finishes. After a three-week break for Christmas, another month`s shooting is to be done – and then another break after shooting finishes! The Tribe is a really big production with its six month shoot period compared to a movie, for example, that might have an eight week shoot, and having worked since August 1999 on Tribe Series 2, with four weeks left, the finishing line is in sight!

However even after production finishes in February, there is still post-production to complete – when the footage for episodes is edited together and sound effects and music are added – and then all mixed together. There are also various technical processes involved which are needed to turn the master versions of episodes into episodes that are then sent out to various television broadcasters around the world – and the episodes are then beamed into your televisions.

As viewers in New Zealand will know, it now gets dark about 9pm each evening as it is the height of the New Zealand summertime and this allows more flexibility for production – the camera`s can keep rolling in the evening as it is still light compared to winter, for example, when it gets dark at about 4pm.

On Sunday 9th January, cast members went to the production centre to have their “tribal” character looks applied for hair and make-up for the filming ahead.

This week, the cast and crew have both exterior location shoots and interior studio scenes.

Since members of cast were away during Christmas, they were unable to answer fan mail and letters and have piles of correspondence to answer. Cast members love to receive mail and letters from fans – and please be patient as the cast members will do their best to answer as quickly as they can in their filming schedules.

There will be a new location report on Monday 17th January that will provide an update on what is happening from the location of Tribe Series 2, and include some photos that will be taken this week from the production.