Tribe Series 2 – Latest Report – Week 21

Production for Tribe Series 2 has now entered week 21 of principal photography from Monday 17th January 2000 and we are up to the 102nd day of shooting.

Is has been a bit of a shock to the system to be back on the Tribe after three weeks Christmas holiday. Everyone arrived back feeling good after a bit of rest, relaxation and sun. Some of the cast even had sunburn – which makes it a bit hard to wear some of their costumes! The week was definitely a busy one!

Sunday 9th January saw the entire cast in the studio having their hair coloured, cut and ready for shooting. Monday was our first shooting day back after Christmas and it was in the studio. Victoria Spence (SALENE) was picked up earliest at 6.45am, and lucky Vanessa Stacey (ALICE) didn’t have to be pickup ’til 2pm. Brady was also back on set on Monday.

Thursday was a big shooting day with four different locations, all within a few minutes of the studio base. Besides our regular cast there was an extra 45 cast on set, which made it a very busy day for our makeup and wardrobe departments, and the chaperone and cast driver teams. The wardrobe and make-up teams started at 6.45am. Shooting started at about 7.45am and finished at 7pm.

Friday was a parallel unit day. There were two production units filming in the cloud 9 production centre at the same time.

Some of the props used last week included mirrors, baskets, basketball and hoops, swimming pool equipment, an amulet, candles, petrol cans, a baby`s bed, a doll, solar panels, a water tank, wind turbine, pens, a list, a breakfast tray, tables, hair and make-up equipment, a microphone, office equipment, receiver, headphones, and rucksacks.

On the weekend of 15th-16th January, members of cast went away with their houseparents and chaperone team for a weekend away beside the beach and had a really fun time.

Thankfully we have had really good weather as the New Zealand/Southern Hemisphere summer sunshine is now starting to shine:

  • Monday: Fine with occasional cloud
  • Tuesday: Fine
  • Wednesday: Fine periods with a southeast breeze
  • Thursday: Fine and settled with a light breeze
  • Friday: Mainly fine with light winds.