Tribe Series 2 – Latest Report – Week 22

Production of Tribe Series 2 has now entered its 22nd week of principal photography, and Monday 24th January was the 107th day of filming!

There are only two weeks left of principal photography and the production process itself finishes on Friday February 4th, which will be the end of the 23rd week of production, an almost six month shoot which is a very long time!

After being back from holiday for a week everyone has settled back into the routine of shooting very nicely. The days have been really hot, so the entire cast has been enjoying the weather and making the most of us having a swimming pool at the Cloud 9 production centre, an ideal place to cool off during a break between filming.. Meryl Cassie (EBONY) got a little closer to the water than she had hoped when Ari Boyland (K.C), Ashwath Sundaresan (Dal) and others threw her in the swimming pool when she was still fully clothed! Luckily for them, Meryl wasn’t shooting that day and was able to dry off!

Tuesday was a parallel day with one unit shooting in the studio and another on location at a farm. There was about 70 cast filming on that busy day.

The earliest pick-up last week was 6.35am for Samuel Wallace who plays a new character in Series 2 called Wolf. The latest was for Vanessa Stacey (ALICE) at 8.50am. The day wrapped at about 7pm.

Some of the guest cast members this week included, Lips, Teeth and Dimples, who are some new and quite enigmatic and wacky characters who appear later on in Series 2. We have a sneaky picture here in the Location Report this week of Lips, Teeth and Dimples in action but we can`t say any more for now, our lips are sealed…

Members of cast have been interviewed at the Cloud 9 production centre and talk about themselves, their characters and The Tribe. These interviews will be appearing on Tribeworld soon and follow the popular Christmas and Millennium interviews that went on Tribeworld during the Christmas holidays.

In the past few days, members of cast have also been rehearsing for their appearance on Saturday 29th January at the Westpac Stadium in Wellington before an anticipated crowd of 30,000 people. The cast will perform two songs from the Tribe album – “Abe Messiah” and “This is the place” during an intermission between a major Australian Rules Football match that is being played at the new stadium. All are looking forward to the appearance and to honing their dancing and singing in the days leading up to Saturday. Next week, there will be some feedback from the cast and photos about how the evening went so check here at Tribeworld for more details!

Next week (from 31st January) is the last week of production and there will be a special Location Report with extra photos and info about the last few days of shooting Tribe Series 2.

The weather last week (Monday 17th January – Friday 21st January) was as follows:

  • Monday: Cloudy with northerly winds
  • Tuesday: Occasional showers. Northerlies easing.
  • Wednesday: Morning cloud. Hot afternoon.
  • Thursday: Fine, hot and sunny.
  • Friday: Mainly fine with light winds.