Tribe Series 2 Latest Report Week 23

Production of Tribe Series 2 has now entered the 23rd week of principal photography from Monday 31st January, and we are up to the 112th day of shooting.

This week (the 23rd week) is the last week of production of Tribe Series 2. On Friday at about 19.00 pm the cameras will stop rolling and the last scene will be filmed! Post-production will continue for a few weeks yet (with music and special effects being added to episodes after they are edited).

On Saturday 5th February there is going to be a special “Wrap Party” for the cast and crew to celebrate the completion of production of Tribe 2 – after six months since it first started, which is a huge undertaking!

And last week (the 22nd week of shooting)? What a busy week it was! Out of five shooting days four of them were parallel days with two production units filming in different locations at the same time. The furthest location during the week was a beach approximately 30 minutes from the Cloud 9 production centre.

The cast were busy all last week in rehearsal for their performance at the Australian Football League game at the new Westpac Stadium in Wellington. There were rehearsals for the choreopgrahy and routine during breaks in the production schedule.

On Saturday 29th January, the cast went down to the stadium to rehearse on the pitch itself. The weather on Saturday was awful as it rained and there was wind. This did not deter the cast, however. The stadium gates opened from 4.30 pm and by 19.00 pm there were over 20,000 people in the stadium.

The Tribe cast were the pre-match entertainment and strode out onto the stadium at 19.15 pm. The cast received a rapturous welcome from the crowd and went on to perform “Abe Messiah” and “This is the place” from the first Tribe album. The songs were really received well. The cast danced on the stadium and the music videos for each song played on giant screens in the background. The cast finished to cheering and applause and went off to sign some autographs and then watched the Australian Rules Football game that followed and it was a great evening for all involved. The match was televised in Australia.

We hope to have some pictures of the cast performing and will put these on Tribeworld as soon as possible.

Dwayne Cameron (BRAY) said that the cast were not too nervous before 20,000 people as they had done many public performances before and are used to it now! Vanessa Stacey (ALICE) mentioned that the cast kept peeking over their shoulder because as they finished their appearance, 30 huge Aussie players ran out onto the turf and it was quite a scary experience as they headed toward the Tribe cast in the centre of the pitch!

The weather was perfect last week and there was filming at the “Hotel Horton & Bailey” with its swimming pool – you only wished you could be in the pool instead of next to it!

The photo from the production today (31 Jan) is of the hot shooting day on location at the “Hotel Horton & Bailey” and if you look closely you might recognize some cast members on set.

We also had Chloe Frances, who won our New Zealand “Visit the Tribe” competition in Girlfriend Magazine who visited the Cloud 9 production centre. She had a wonderful day on set, and played the character “Amazon” in the final episode of the Tribe Series 2, scenes of which were filmed last week.

With only one week of shooting left before all the cast and crew go home for a break, the days have been really busy. Pick-up times have been as early as 6am for Caleb Ross and as late as 2.30pm for Michelle Ang (who has had, by the way, a new hair cut – it looks great, and you¹ll have to wait and see what it looks like).

Weather Report:

  • Monday: Fine with northerly winds
  • Tuesday: Rain easing
  • Wednesday: Fine periods with a southeast breeze
  • Thursday: Fine and settled with a light breeze
  • Friday: Fine