Tribe Series 4 has wrapped BUT lets’s have a look at Christmas and some of the new characters!

Yes, Tribe series IV finished filming on 7th December 2001. Fans the world over are desperate to learn about the new characters and to see the series. Post Production on the series continues after Christmas.

James Napier (Jay)

Tribe 4 starts on January 5th at noon on Channel 5. Whilst those of you in other countries might have to wait a while to catch up to this series, you can learn all about it right here!

After Christmas we will be bringing you exclusive behind the scenes reports from the set of Tribe series IV. You will be able to learn about the way a series is made and check out some great reports on special effects, stunts and much, much more.


Exclusive photos of the cast celebrating Christmas in the last few days of filming

The cast of Tribe series IV were certainly in a Christmas mood in the last few weeks of filming.

Michael Wesley Smith puts some presents under the tree.

They got right in to the spirit by performing at a Special Needs Christmas concert, by collecting toys and food for under priveleged families and by singing Christmas carols for visiting groups.

A lavish Christmas lunch was served on the last day of filming, complete with Christmas crackers and everybody had a great time.

Several of the cast, both new and old got together to bring you some Christmas messages and tunes.

Tom Hern who plays RAM even composed his own song, “Can I get a Wish” which he recorded for us wih Megan Alatini (JAVA).

Tom Hern (Ram) gets jiggy with his guitar, recording his special Christmas song.

Decorations were hung in the classroom at the studio and little Jacinta Waiwatai (MOUSE) was so excited to think that Santa would be with her soon!

Jacinta Wawatai (Mouse) gets ready for Santa!

All the cast have gone home now and are looking forward to the festivities of Christmas and the New Year. They would all like to wish you a very Tribal Christmas!


Who are the new characters? What are they like? It won’t be long until Tribe IV hits the screens and you will find out everything you wanted to know. But just to keep you going, here are some more exclusive pictures of some of the cast members.

Toni Prebble (Trudy), Michelle Ang (Tai San), Beth Allen (Amber), Kelly Stevenson (Dee) and Meryl Cassie (Ebony) enjoy a cuddle.

Tom Hern (Ram), Megan Alatini (Java), Monique Cassie (Siva) and Dan Weekes (Ved) wrap up warm on set.

Caleb Ross (Lex) and Monique Cassie (Siva) look for the mistletoe.

Nick Miller (Pride) wonders who he should give this present to!

Look out for some more great pictures coming very soon.

We will be bringing you a new Location report in the New Year.

So until then,
Stay Tribal!

Keep the Dream Alive…