Tribe Series 4 Location Report – Week 15


It has been busy busy busy at the studios with the cast, crew, production and office staff rushing around like crazy.

Cast members have been continuing with their Christmas carol recording, Caleb joined us for the last cast chat of the year and lots of pictures were taken of the cast to keep you going until Tribe series 4 hits our screens.

More exclusive photos!

Filming outside of Cloud 9 Studios

The scenes

Yes indeed, 122 scenes were filmed this week which makes a grand total of 90.69 minutes shot!

The Parallel unit was used for 3 days out of 6 with several extras used in scenes shot at the studio and on location.

The locations

The locations used this week were at Keneperu Hospital, The Settlers Museum in Petone and at Whiteman’s Valley Farm.

Make a start!

The earliest Crew Call was 06.15am for the make-up department on the Parallel unit on Monday.

The latest Crew Call was at 08.15am for the Main Unit on Monday.

The earliest call for our cast was 05.45am for Nick Miller.

The latest pick-up this week was for a secret member of the cast at 13.50pm on Tuesday.

The weather

Rain, wind, sunshine…Wellington had it all this week which is why people say that New Zealanders can expect four seasons in one day! The weather can certainly be extremely changeable from one minute to the next.

Here’s the record of the weather in week 15 of the production:

Monday 26th November
Milder northerlies

Tuesday 27th November
Dry northerlies, a good deal of sunshine

Wednesday28th November
Cloudy skies, some drizzle possible at night, gusty northerlies

Thursday 29th November
Cloudy with gusty northerlies

Friday30th November
Sunshine and a high of 23 degrees

Saturday 1st December
A hot sunny day with little breeze, a high expected of 30 degrees

See you all soon when you can find out more of the latest filming details and happenings of Tribe IV!

Inside the studios

See you again next week…

Stay Tribal!

Keep the Dream Alive…

Mad dogs go out in the midday sun!