Tribe Series 4 Location Report – Week Three

Tribe IV is happening!!

Last week was a little less intense by way of parallel units working. They were only doing a double set of filming for two days last week. The Parallel Unit was filming in the studio for both of these days.

More exclusive photos!

Photo One – Nick Miller – PRIDE, in between scenes looking over his scripts and lines!

The scenes

77 scenes were shot this week and this totalled 60 minutes of shooting time. However there were a lot of scenes shot in different rooms/places within a shooting area which meant time was spent on repositioning and relocating!

The locations

Photo Two – Check out the city streets this week.

Three days were spent on location, in three different places!

The Main unit were located at the Westpac Trust Stadium on Monday. Tuesday saw filming taking place around the State Opera House in Wellington for the Markets and on Wednesday the cast and crew were filming on the rooftop of a local hotel.

There were lots of extras required for scenes at the stadium to be other Tribe members, and many extras were also required for the ‘market’ day to be street kids and stallholders!

Make a start!

The earliest Crew Call was 5.45am for a pre-dress call on Tuesday, although the main Crew Call was 6.45am for this. The earliest call for our cast was 5.35am for Megan Alatini (Cassie) and Monique Cassie. The lucky cast members with the latest pick ups this week were Caleb Ross – LEX and Kelly Stevenson – DEE with 8.30am pickups.

The weather

The weather this week was awesome! Spring is here – it is warm, sunny and very refreshing!

Here’s the record of the weather in week 3 of the production:

  • Monday 27th August – Fine northerlies returning.
  • Tuesday 28th August – A chilly start. Fine and sunny thru the day but expect a hint of high cloud from the north later. Not much wind.
  • Wednesday 29th August – Cloud thickening but dry. Southeasterlies picking up.
  • Thursday 30th August – Cloudy skies. Drizzle in the south with fresh southeasterlies.
  • Friday 31st August – Cloudy skies. Drizzle in the south with fresh southeasterlies.
  • We’ll be back next week to tell you more of the official filming details of Tribe IV!

    Photo Three – Can you spot Nick Miller and Caleb Ross in theTribeworld city streets?

    See you again next week…

    Stay Tribal!

    Keep the Dream Alive…