Tribe Series 4 Location Report – First week of Principle photography

Welcome to Tribe IV!!

There are parallel units working most days, which means double the amount of scheduling and double the amount of scenes shot in a day!

The first week has filming in both studios, the interior Mall set in Studio A (which is looking fabulous, bright, and very very Tribal!) and Studio B which houses all the temporary sets. At the moment there is an interior hotel set in there.

The cast and crew will be out and about on location for several days this week also. Locations included for the next couple of weeks are a city street, the WestpacTrust Stadium (home of Wellington Rugby!) and exterior of Cloud 9 studios.

The official location reports will start back at the end of this week and will feature an overview of the weeks activities with various photos from some scenes shot in that week.

News/feature to date for the first week of filming

Visit to Cloud 9 studios by Will Isaacs of Maryland, USA.

Monday 13th August – 10am Will Isaacs arrives at Cloud 9 ready for a tour of the studios and surrounding areas.

Met by several members of the Hexagon team he is asked if he is able to stay for the entire day. Of which he replies yes (of course).!!! The next thing which blew his mind was that Cloud 9 had arranged that he be part of the team for that day and be an extra on the set of The Tribe.

His face was a sight!!!! Check out the picture on Guide News… is this a happy face or what???!!!!

All this would happen in good time. Tour comes first!

Photo 1 – Will meets the cast in the Green Room.

Of course the first thing explained are the obvious sets used with the building. He walks in the main foyer, realising that is is well known in The Tribe as the Horton Bailey Hotel. We keep walking and through the window we can see the interior of this hotel which houses the well remembered pool where Ebony was seducing Bray in Series One!

Included in the tour is a wander through Post Production – where Will was able to meet the Dubbing Mixer (who puts all the editing pieces together (Music, Sound, ADR (Dialogue), Foley, Atmos, into a Final Mix for The Tribe).

Through the Art Department, down the stairs, and along the corridor we meet the 2nd AD (Assistant Director) who is in charge of the extras for the day. Will Isaacs is going to be part of the ‘Militia’ for the day.

Photo 2 – Will has been to wardrobe, now dressed as Militia!

While waiting to get to wardrobe and makeup he is able to relax in the main cast’s Green room. Upon walking into this room he is given a fantastic reception by Meryl Cassie (EBONY), Jennyfer Jewell (ELLIE) and Kelly Stevenson (NEW CHARACTER). Settling in very quickly, they chat and make jokes, ask lots of questions of each other and generally have a great time.

Photo 3 – Will in make-up.

Following is a piece written by Will from the Hexagon after his day at Cloud 9.

“In a word, spectacular. I don’t remember when I have had such a great time on vacation. Not only did I get to visit Cloud 9 studios, but I also was asked, as soon as I arrived , if I wanted to be an extra. Of course I could not refuse, after all I had flown half way around the world to see what The Tribe was really like. I was more than just pleasantly surprised when I met some of the cast, I was ecstatic, but I had to keep cool for fear of looking really stupid in front of them. However, they soon put me at ease and I was chatting away with them about anything I could think of. They were much nicer than I could have imagined.

Then I got dressed, went to makeup, and waited. I was trying to absorb everything I could hear and see. The whole process was more fun than I was expecting. After they called me up, everyone told me not to be nervous and that everything was going to go fine. When I was finally on set, I could barely believe it. I am sure I will never forget the whole thing. It was such a great experience that I knew I had to come back another day and thankfully I did. The second day only made the first one better. Not only was I impressed with Cloud 9’s hospitality, but I was also surprised by how nice everyone was to me. I felt so welcome that I didn’t want to leave. I don’t exactly know whom to thank for this wonderful event, but I am going to thank everyone that I saw, didn’t see, met, didn’t meet, and anyone else who was apart of my Tribal visit! So Thank You, and I hope I will get to do it again very soon some day!


Will Isaacs (USA)”

We hope Will that you enjoyed your time at Cloud 9 and will have many happy memories of how fabulous the Tribe and the cast of The Tribe are!

Now wait until Tribe Series IV and you can look out for yourself on The Tribe.