Tribe Series 4 pre-production behind the scenes

Welcome to Tribe IV!!

Prior to the commencement of filming there is a huge amount of organisation and planning to be done in order for the smooth running of production once it is underway. This is called Pre production.

Included in this process are the final stages of costume fitting and hair preparations.

Several cast members have arrived at the Studios at Cloud 9 and are busy having wardrobe fittings, hair dying, make-up trials etc.

Monday 06 August 2001

Kelly Stevenson arrived at 1pm and had a hair appointment in the Hair and Make-up department. She is having her hair dyed ready for Series IV. But we won’t tell you the colour just yet!!

Here is a picture of the bleaching prior to the colour being added!

Meryl Cassie – EBONY, arrived also on Monday and had a wardrobe appointment for a costume fitting. Check out the beginnings of her new costume.

With Meryl was one of her sisters who is also starting on the Tribe Series IV.

Monique Cassie begins her Tribal career on Series IV and third sister Megan also will be arriving soon with a new role for Series IV! Character names will be released in good time!

Stay Tuned for more sneaky pre-production behind the scenes snaps!!