Location Report – Tribe Series 3 – EXTRA SCENES SHOT

Tribe Series 3 has officially come to the end of filming – BUT there was a special shoot last week for the crew of the Tribe.

You’ll find out…


The location for the day was the Ohakea Air Force base, in Bulls which is almost a quarter of the way up the North Island of New Zealand (one and a half hours drive).


There is a vast expanse of rural land and lengthy tarmac for the scenes to be shot, and the weather is much more stable (it was a balmy hot day with clear blue skies and very little wind)

Who was there?

There were no cast involved in this filming day, they are all currently on their Xmas break. The production crew were present and of course several Royal New Zealand Air Force representatives were there to oversee what was happening since it`s a place of high defence importance.

Make a start

The Crew Call was 7.00am and then they traveled to the Air Force Base for this special outside location day.

Exclusive photos

Unfortunately there were no photos taken from this gorgeous day, so you will have to stay tuned to Tribe Series III to see where and how it features in the storyline (and look out for the beautiful New Zealand scenery)

Stay Tribal…

Keep the Dream Alive…