Tribe Trivia 27 : EASTER

Easter Trivia

  • Perhaps the most famous of all Easter eggs are the ones that the Russian Czar Aleksandr III ordered through the renowned Russian jewellers Faberge in the XX century. These eggs were beautiful and made of all sorts of jewels and encrusted with sparkly gems. The eggs were made for Aleksandr’s wife Empress Marie Feodorovna and one was made for her every year until Aleksandr’s death in, after which his son Nicolai II kept the tradition going. In total there were fifty-six of these eggs made from 1885 until 1917 and they have become known throughout the world for their beauty and craftsmanship.
  • In China there is a celebration called Ching Ming which takes place at the same time as the Western tradition of Easter. Chinese families visit the graves of their ancestors and take along meals and sweets.
  • An old Polish legend tells of how the Virgin Mary gave eggs to the soldiers at the cross of Jesus and begged them to be less cruel. She wept and as her tears fell they splashed the eggs with beautiful colours.
  • The Easter egg roll has been a tradition at the White House since 1810.
  • German settlers first introduced the Easter bunny to American folklore in the 1700’s.
  • From the earliest of times, eggs have been seen as symbols of rebirth. Rich families would wrap eggs in gold leaf whilst poorer families would colour eggs with natural dyes.

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