Tribe Trivia 27 : EASTER

Easter Trivia Perhaps the most famous of all Easter eggs are the ones that the Russian Czar Aleksandr III ordered through the renowned Russian jewellers Faberge in the XX century. These eggs were beautiful and made of all sorts of jewels and encrusted with sparkly gems. The eggs were made for Aleksandr’s wife Empress Marie … Continue reading Tribe Trivia 27 : EASTER

Tribe Trivia 26: AMBER

Beth Allen tells us some trivia facts about her character Amber. There are 12 zulu knots in Amber’s hairstyle   The make-up team use blond extensions sometimes for the knots.   Amber has had flings or relationships with Bray, Sasha and now Jay.   Amber’s latest costume includes Peacock feathers.   Amber has mostly been … Continue reading Tribe Trivia 26: AMBER

Tribe Trivia 25: Take 9 café and food for the crew!

Thermal Blankets?!! YES! Its true, food and thermal blankets go hand in hand, besides thermal blankets and space ships!! When we asked Edward at the Cloud 9’s café about catering for the crew of sometimes 90-100 people, he said that they use thermal blankets to keep the food warm because there is such a large … Continue reading Tribe Trivia 25: Take 9 café and food for the crew!