Tribe Trivia 30: Tribe Tour Trivia – Part 3

Travelling on tour is a lot of fun and there are some great times to be had and some wonderful memories made.

The last tour saw cast travel from New Zealand to Spain, Germany, the UK and the USA.

With so much time away from home we have worked out some facts and figures for you.

The average…

Temperature – 35 degrees
Amount of water drunk– 560 litres
Amount of apples eaten – 336
Amount of kisses – 11000
Number of songs listened to – 1400
Amount of sleep per night – 5 hours
Amount of chicken salads eaten – 224
Amount of chocolate eaten – 394
Amount of wet wipes used – 1500
Amount of toothpaste used – 7 tubes
Amount of hours spent travelling daily – 6 hours
Amount of time spent indoors per day – 20
Amount of airplane meals eaten – 90
Amount of photos taken by cast members per day – 80
Amount of photos taken of cast members per day – 2000
Amount of coffee drunk – 980
Time spent in the make-up chair each day per cast member – 3 hours
Amount of cricket balls hit – 1
Amount of magazines read – 112
Amount of time spent in restaurants – 154 hours
Amount of time spent in interviews – 210 hours
Amount of chewing gum chewed – 980 pieces
Amount of walking done per day – 4 miles
Amount of emails sent per trip – 1400
Amount of times Jennifer Lopez mentioned per day – 3
Amount of hakas performed – 3
Amount of time spent in a cab with a crazy road rage driver – 30 minutes
Amount of time spent waiting for a missing suitcase to turn up – 30 hours
Amount of time spent walking around a town while trying to find a particular restaurant – 1 hour
Amount of time spent in an elevator with a group of Orks – 3 minutes
Amount of time spent spotting Storm troopers – 5 hours
Amount of dragons spotted – 57