Tribe Trivia 33: Costumes

The costumes in The Tribe are a huge part of the series. They’re wacky, creative and really funky!

So here’s some trivia on costumes

  • For every main character in the show they make two of the same costume. In case one gets something spilt on it or it gets damaged. Then they have a spare one on hand.
  • In each series around 40 new costumes are made.
  • Some of the costumes can take hours to make and some take no time at all.
  • Dressing all the extras for the show is a huge task. There can be up to 200 extras on any given day and there’s a production line going to dress them all. And then they have to head to makeup!
  • Cloud 9’s costume store would have around 100,000 items of clothing (perhaps even more), 400 pairs of shoes and 1000 extra bits and pieces such as arm bands, props and masks.
  • Anything and everything is used to make a costume and this is all possible because things in world of The Tribe have to be recycled. Costumes are made of leather, newspaper, string, plastic, rubber, feathers, beads, metal and even plants!
  • Some of the most expensive items worn in the show are the shoes and boots. They’re often the latest designs and are picked up quick by the wardrobe team as soon as they hit the shelves in the shops at the start of a new season.
  • Buying the leather for some costumes is also expensive.
  • When the cast are filming during winter they have large jackets made to match their costumes. Often during summer these aren’t worn as it’s too hot.
  • A lot of metal bits and pieces are used in costumes. The wardrobe team track down some really cool bobbles, belt buckles, domes, metal catches and decorations.