Tribe Trivia 5: Cloudy the dog, Tribe animal trivia – and paper clips!

How much do you know about The Tribe?

Did you know…

1. Here is some trivia about Cloudy the dog from Series 2…

Cloudy’s real name is also “Cloudy” – often animals in television find it too confusing to have one name in real life, and another name to answer and respond to on the set for their fictional side – so animal trainers will usually use just one name as it makes the pet and the trainer’s life much easier. That’s why “Bob” the dog is in real life also called Bob.

In the series, Cloudy is a “he” but in real life, Cloudy is a “she”! A Poodle Pointer, she’s a cross between a regular poodle and a German wire-haired Pointer.

Cloudy was born on 31st March 1999 – so she`s just turned one. Happy birthday Cloudy!

She has been trained with the Positive Re-enforcement Training Technique – when she does something good she gets a treat or a hug (that sounds good!).

2. Many different animals have been in the Tribe…

Bob the dog, Cloudy, and Bluebell the cow may be the best known animals to star in the Tribe but several other animal actors have been in the Tribe including other dogs, pigs, rats, mice, chickens, hens, roosters, doves, pigeons, spiders, owls, sheep, deer, insects, rabbits, rams, and cats – imagine all the pet food!

There has even been an appearance from one of the world’s largest spiders – the Huntsman Spider – eek!

3. Bluebell the cow’s best friend is Bob the dog

Bluebell the cow in real life started training with the animal wranglers at three weeks old in order to learn to recognise sound and body language signals. Bluebell was used to living with Bob the dog and the other animal actors in the series and the cow actually enjoys being in the company of dogs!

4. The Cloud 9 production office goes through about 5,000 paper clips in the course of a six-month production

If you were to join all the paper clips together, this would form a line about 416 feet long – that’s as long as 28 family-sized cars, or as long as over 60 people.

But it would take you about 6 hours non-stop to join all 5,000 paper clips into one long chain (if we say it takes about 4 seconds to join one paper clip to the chain)!

If you were to climb to the top of the famous Pyramid of Giza in Egypt (about 450 feet tall) and dangle your huge chain of paper clips, then the paper clips would almost reach the ground!

The 416 foot long giant paper clips would be longer than 6 diplodocus dinosaurs or 12 giant boa constrictor snakes!