Tribestyle: Belief in your style – Part 1

Call it karma, spiritualism, beliefs or just your attitude – everybody’s style is made up from how we feel on the inside as much as how we look from the outside with our clothes, hair and fashion.

And how about you? What type of “style” do you give off to people? Which member of the Tribe is your style of attitude most like?

Some people just give off a “bad” attitude or seem creepy – but others can “seem” like really nice or kind people and the difference in “attitude” often reflects different behaviors or personalities underneath.

This TribeStyle article looks at the spiritual style of different characters in the Tribe – how do they behave? What do they believe? What is their attitude?

There is a special vote in page 2 of this article and we’d like to know which members of the Tribe your style of belief is most like.

Nobody knows the main characters in the Tribe more than the cast who portray them in the series and we’ve asked first the Tribe cast for their thoughts about spiritual style in the Tribe…

Tribe Cast on Tribe Characters

Dwayne Cameron on BRAY – “My character is very optimistic and a complete dreamer – but at the same time very practical like Martin Luther King. He “has a dream” and trusts and believes in others as they do in him. He looks after everyone in the Tribe.”

Daniel James on ZOOT – “Zoot was definitely a dreamer as he believed that one day he would rule the world. He was far from innocent though and always distrustful”

Michelle Ang on TAI-SAN – “Tai-San has adopted a very serene outlook on life. She has accepted the change in lifestyle since the virus and prefers to take what “destiny” and “fate” throw at her. She is very much an idealist who often is determined to get her point across”.

Victoria Spence on SALENE – “Salene is very sensitive, genuine and trusting. She’s a bit of a pessimist but she still tries to find the best in people”.

Ella Wilks on DANNI – “Danni is open to hearing others’ views – but not to believing in them. She is trusting with people she knows well but doesn’t let out anything about herself to people she doesn’t know”.