Tribestyle: Belief in your style – Part 2

Sarah Major on PATSY – “Patsy is an innocent and very trusting girl. She is led by others and I think that’s because she is searching for a family, love and security”

Jaimee Kaire-Gataulu on CHLOE – “She is a dreamer, optimist, and innocent”

Ashwath Sundaresan on DAL -“He is an optimist, sincere and genuine”

Special Vote – who is your style of attitude and beliefs most like?

Well that’s the question – and all you need to do is email us with the member of the Tribe who your style of attitude is most like.

Are you like Bray in your beliefs? Or Lex? Or Ebony? Or Amber?

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Tribeworld and style of beliefs

We’ve heard the cast on their characters – but what about the impact of the world of the Tribe itself on shaping each person’s style?

In one sense, each person’s belief system would be different in Tribeworld compared to life today. This is because in the world of the Tribe there are no adults, no television, no radio, no cinema, no newspapers, no magazines, and no popular fashion. All these things would normally shape and influence the way we behave and the things that we believe in.

By contrast in the Tribe there are none of these things – no mass media that influences behavior and style in society. Instead each person’s style would come down to reflecting more the actual beliefs and attitude of the person themselves. With no outside things like television or cinema to influence you, you would be more likely to behave and act exactly as you are – and would not be influenced by mass media or adults (since they would not exist).

But you would still be influenced by your friends and peers in other Tribes – and in turn you being a member of a Tribe would influence the other members of the Tribe.

So the way people believe in the Tribe would be shaped differently in one sense compared to today’s society – but in another sense, the style of beliefs and spiritualism in Tribeworld would be the same as today in the sense that it would come down to the attitude and unique style of each person, and that is something that will never change…