Tribestyle: KC’s Tribe 3 Costume

Over the next few weeks we are profiling a few of the costumes used throughout the series’. From the way they’re made to why they were designed the way they were. This week is KC’s costume. Click any of the costume pictures for a larger view.

Angelic, butter-wouldn’t-melt youngster, who in reality is a mischievious little brat, who will con, cheat, or steal anything he wants.

Streetwise, cocky and a very plausible liar, he caused endless discipline problems for Amber.

But Lex, who sees in KC a younger version of himself, takes him under his wing as his protege. The Artful Dodger to Lex’s Fagin

In Series 3 KC really started coming into his teenage years. He started to care a little more about how he looked and who he impressed. He even developed a crush on May which unfortunately didn’t work out too well for him. But he’s certainly a cool customer.

KC’s t-shirt is made of a blue marle fabric and has a very definte weave to it. It has a v-neck which is trimmed in red lycra. The front of the t-shirt has domes attached to the front of it and there are also a few eyelets dotted around. They don’t seem to follow any particular order and are very random in their placement.

Over his t-shirt KC wears a vest. It’s hard to pin-point it’s colour as it’s the type of fabric that looks one colour one way and another the next. It is a mixture of maroon and blue and has a very shiny texture to it and I’d say is a very thin nylon or polyester. On the inside it has a bright yellow nylon lining.

Between these layers is sewn a layer of white polyester fill to add warmth and to beef it out a little as you’d expect in a vest. On the front there are two breast pockets which are oblong in shape. Each one is done up with two domes. The vest is done up with a large tooth red plastic zip.

The thread used throughout the vest is green and shows up as a nice contrast against the maroon/blue of the fabric and there are four lines sewn down each side of the front and the back.

The back of the vest doesn’t have too much detail but you can see from the picture that the front is quite a bit longer than the back. At the bottom of the back the fabric is gathered in at the middle and is pleated and secured with two domes.

On the bottom half KC wears these long shorts. They follow the same trend as the jacket and use a denim that looks different in different lights and has two main colours, blue and green. They are made of a very thin cotton denim. While the main colour is blue the backside of the fabric is a bright olive green colour.

The front of the shorts are blue and have a large green pocket on the right leg. The pocket has a pleat in the middle and is secured at the top with two domes. The contrast green is also used on the visible part of the inside of the pockets and in the belt loops. The back of the shorts is sort of the opposite with the main colour being the green around the backside with diagonal cuts behind the knees and the blue fabric used in the legs.

KC’s shorts are done up with an orange belt from the label “Twenty Six Red” and is made of orange strapping.

Attached to KC’s shorts is a chain. It is made of large silver balls and attaches to the front and back belt loops and is worn around the side of the waist.

KC wears a simlar chain to match around his neck.